0-3yrs. The Critical Years

0-3yrs. The Critical Years

Did you know a child’s brain will develop to 80% of its adult size in the first 3 years? (1,2,3)


We adapt, learn and change based on our surroundings and our environment. Our experiences shape who we are and how we react to situations in the future. This is the marvel and wonder of us as humans. We are incredibly complex and are able to function at the highest level of learning and reasoning compared to any other living thing on earth. How incredibly complex are we designed!

Our brains build connections between neurons (nerves in the brain) the most in the first 3 years of life. As we experience life we start to build connections in our brain that help us react to the same situation better the 2nd and subsequent times. We eventually become so good at it that it becomes second nature and becomes a learnt activity. Much like riding a bike or a child learning to walk.

Our nerves are the mechanism by which we learn. We have specialised nerves which are dedicated to communicating information to the brain. There are hundred’s of specially designed nerves whose sole purpose to detect things like touch, movement, temperature etc. Our nervous system is the information highway that takes all of that information that our bodies have collected and passe’s it at a rate of 20million messages/second to the brain. The brain then takes all the information and integrates it to produce action. It then sends out messages out through the nervous system and to the body to output up to 66 trillion actions per second!

How important would it be for a child going through the most intense and critical learning period of their lives to have a nervous system that functions properly and at its peak? Probably the most important!

Chiropractic is solely focused on maximising nervous system function. It ensures that all the critical information we need to adapt, learn and react to our the busy and stressful world we live in, gets to the brain properly.

Early detection of nervous system dysfunction ensures the most solid foundation for our children’s brain to grow and learn. Chiropractic has been shown to benefit not only for us as adults but also for our little ones who we care for.


We know you want the best start for life for your little ones. Why not consider chiropractic as a part of your lives?



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