About us

My Health Chiro is a wellness driven chiropractic practice. Our passion is providing the safest, most effective and highest quality, evidence-based care to families, individuals and athletes.

With 2 clinics located in Maribyrnong & South Melbourne, book an appointment with the best chiropractors in Melbourne! 

Our mission

Our mission is to educate and inspire families, individuals and athletes in the Maribyrnong, Maidstone, Footscray, Aberfeldie, Essendon and Ascot Vale area to pursue healthier and happier lives. We know that you are the most important person when it comes to your health so we tailor a program to suit you!

Our Values

We are all different. We all have individual talents, expertise’s, experiences and goals. We are not designed with a cookie cutter. Why should our healthcare experience be any different?

At our office, the most important person is you! At My Health Chiro our main focus is helping you achieve YOUR goals, not anyone else’s.

Our approach from the start to the end is to help you understand what is going on with your body and how to get to the health goals you are after. Our goal is to;

  • Help make sense of your complaint and symptoms
  • Explain what it going on in plain English and without all the complicated medical terms
  • Identify your individual expectations
  • Provide the most professional, effective and up to date treatment
  • Help you get from where you are to where you want to be

Our Office

Our office caters to the many families in the Maribyrnong, Essendon, Footscray, Maidstone and Aberfeldie area. We have a space for your children to stay occupied while you are getting adjusted and treated. We are also a disability friendly practice, with wheelchair access and suitable toilet facilities available.

Our office is located at on the Ground Level at 84 La Scala Avenue, Maribyrnong. We are located at the bottom of the apartment block, opposite from the big park that has the soccer goals on it.

To find out more about our practice, why not watch a quick office tour video below?

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Why choose us

Chiropractic 101

Chiropractic is a natural therapy. It’s a therapy that works with the body’s natural ability to heal and regulate itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

Quality Care

Not all Chiropractors are the same. We pride ourselves on a bespoke wellness based, holistic approach to healthcare.

Online Consultations

We all have busy lives. We value your time. Why not book an appointment online?

Our Approach

We believe in thorough and detailed analysis and testing. This is why we analyse and test 3 different levels of your body to identify what is driving your symptoms and how can best fortify your body for now and in the future. We assess everyone with our unique developed system which has 88 individual tests to analyse the function of your body in detail. This way we can get the clearest picture of how you body is functioning and what strategies will work best for you. Our aim is for you to continue these strategies well past the time you finish up with us. We then sit down and work out what your bespoke care plan looks like. We believe that your care plan should include;

  • Exercise strategies to improve weak areas of your body
  • Diet advice and nutritional support to help with not only tissue repair but overall health including your gut
  • Mindset management to help restore your body back to it’s natural repair state
  • Strategies to restore function to your nervous system
  • Regular reviews to ensure your plan is up to date

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