3 Ways To Combat The Effects Of Stress

3 Ways To Combat The Effects Of Stress

Stress is a necessary part of life. We all experience stress and an overwhelm of it at one stage of our lives. Those periods last for a short while and in some seasons a lot longer than we’d like.
Stress can come in 3 forms. In form of our physical habits, biochemical habits (what we eat or put into our bodies) and emotional habits.

Now our brain is the quite smart. It’s always surveying our environment and making minute changes to our function so that we thrive in life. But what happens when our stress levels build and our lifestyles become overwhelmingly destructive?
Our brain perceives our lifestyles as a threat and acts accordingly.

It goes into survival mode! Much like us running away from a lion that’s chasing us, our body reacts in the same way with our internal organ function.
Our nerves function changes, our muscle function and posture changes, our organ function changes including our hormones, immune system, brain chemicals and digestion!

That’s why we get sicker, feel more tired, our muscles ache, we get constipated or bloated, have headaches or even reproductive issues. Our bodies are perceiving our lifestyles like a lion chasing us! It’s not concerned with repairing, fighting off bugs, digesting food, creating feel good hormones or chemicals or even procreating.


Here 3 tips if you feel like your body is stuck and it can’t get out of the rut you’re in

Change your diet
Our bodies need plenty of nutritional building blocks to create stress hormones that keep our bodies from damaging itself. The 2 nutrients it needs a lot of are Magnesium and B Vitamins.
Increase natural sources of it in form of greener leafy vegetables such as (kale, spinach, silver beat), nuts, eggs, yogurt, lean beef, chicken and fatty fish like salmon.
If need be, think about a supplement. One golden rule with supplements is that they should be used as adjacent to a good diet. Invest in a good supplement that has been processed properly as not all supplements are absorbed properly.

Change your thought habits
A busy mind leads to a stressed body. Compartmentalize your day. When you’re at work, focus on work. When you’re at home, focus on home. When you’re with family and friends, be present in the moment. Worrying about things you can’t control or deadlines you have at the wrong times leads us to have ineffective productivity and increases unnecessary mental stress. Mental stress has a direct link with our pituitary and adrenal glands which are responsible for our stress response.

Change your nerve function
Chiropractic adjustments differ significantly from just mobilisation or cracking your body. It’s documented to literally change the way your nerves, spinal cord and brain works. In almost all cases a stressed out body has a stressed out nervous system. Our nerves control how our organs react. If our nerves are stressed it confuses the brain into thinking there is a stressful event happening and out brain starts stimulating a stress response even though there isn’t one.
Your adjustments are the single most effective way to modulate nerve function! So get adjusted!

Find out if your nervous system is stressed. It costs nothing.

We are passionate about helping you achieve health at its optimum. That’s why we offer our initial consultation at no cost, that’s right, it’s FREE! It’s an obligation free consultation that helps provide you with the answers to what is going on with your body and if we can help. If we find we can’t help, we’ll find someone who can. That’s our promise

Till next time!

Dr Andre

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