Feed Your Brain

Feed Your Brain

Your brain is made up of remarkable tissue. It’s the stuff that looks like a white cloud when you look at an anatomy photo of the brain. That tissue is all made up of cells that’s primary purpose is to communicate electrical signals around the brain. The white stuff that we see is fat. In fact, the brain is almost made up of 60% fat. This fat surrounds the nerve cells or neurons and keeps the incredible information that passes around the brain moving quickly and effortlessly. This is called the myelin sheath. It’s is essential for it to remain healthy for our brains to remain healthy and functional.

Good fats in our diet helps to keep the fat around our cells healthy. When we don’t have good fats in our diets, it has a negative impact on the health of our brain tissue but also the hormones that brain produces. This results in us getting foggy brain feeling or feeling like things are not as sharp as they used to be in regard to processing, memory or even emotions.

We’ve long been told that fish oils are good for us, which they are. But it’s for the omega 3 content in fish oil that makes it amazing. See omega 3’s has a dual purpose in our body. It helps maintain brain tissue and is essential in developing brains, but it also reduces inflammation in our body. You may have heard of DHA and EPA. These are the different components of omega 3’s that are important. The part that is important when it comes to brain health is the DHA part.

Getting adequate levels of DHA in our diet is essential for our brain health. It’s found in abundance in fatty fish. We’re talking salmon, mackerel, sardines. Which is why we should consider eating more fish in our diet. If you’re concerned about the mercury and heavy metal content in fish, consider a good practitioner grade fish oil. We stock a product that has 4x less heavy metals and toxins that normal fish oil. And the best part is you only have to take a teaspoon of it a day to get the benefits of it!

For those who don’t eat fish, consider a plant-based supplement. An algae based DHA supplement or a flax seed oil supplement are great alternatives for those for are vegetarian or vegans.

So, love your brain and feed it the right things. Include more good fats and DHA in your diet!

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