One Habit You Need to Change from Today

One Habit You Need to Change from Today

In a world full of deadlines, pressures and responsibilities, we feel like we are constantly like a hamster on a wheel. It takes a toll on your body. We get it – life is busy, and the most important thing is to get stuff done without being weighed down by pain.

So I want you to do one thing on a daily basis for me. I’ve seen patients make this simple change to their lifestyle and see amazing results in recovery and improvement in pain.

So, ready for it?

Don’t sit for more than 45 min. The more you sit, the more your spine compresses. The more your spine compresses, the more your nervous system suffers. This has a knock on effect with breathing and circulation of blood to your brain! So the more you sit, the more tired and fatigued you’ll feel. Plus sitting for more than 45 minutes means you’ll have to do almost an hour of exercise to combat the changes it makes to your spine and disc compression!

Try it. Give it a go.

If you find yourself too far down the rabbit hole and are suffering with neck pain, headaches, lower back pain or even feeling fatigued, we’d love to help. We see people like this day in and day out in our office, and we aim to provide neck pain treatment in Melbourne and lower back pain treatment in Melbourne to help them feel better not only now, but for the long term.

Why not book in for an obligation free initial consultation to see if our chiropractor for tension headache relief can help? It’s the best step you can take to ensuring your health in the future!

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