Scoliosis… It Can Be Confusing

Scoliosis… It Can Be Confusing

Scoliosis is one of those terms that some people are petrified of and others have no idea what it means. Scoliosis is when the shape of the spine changes from straight to an S shape. The problem with this is not only does it have an impact on our organ function, but it also doesn’t look nice either. Some parents get concerned when their child has scoliosis, and given the prevailing narrative around it, I don’t blame them.

The truth is, many cases of scoliosis can be addressed and managed with the right scolicare in Melbourne. Functional scoliosis is a result of poor neurological function which results in poor muscle activity, causing the spine to adopt a S shaped curve. It can be present in teenagers and adults. Most of the time, a chiropractor for scoliosis can address it, stop progression and improve upon it. In one case study, there was a 17° in the mid back and 12.5° in the lower back that changed to 0° and 3° respectively!

The reason why these changes were seen with chiropractic care is because chiropractic addresses the neurological imbalance problem of the scoliosis. A scoliosis chiropractor aims to improve the neurological output from the brain, resulting in the muscles naturally improving strength and function.

So, if you or a family member has scoliosis and are not sure on what to do, why not start with us? We provide an obligation free initial consultation where we will sit down and explore your case and discuss your options. Best of all, it’s completely free! We’re passionate about helping you and guiding you down a path to get answers. If we can’t help, we will never waste your time or money – we’ll be honest and provide you with next steps to someone who can help. Don’t waste time, get answers today!

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