What in the world are Subluxations?!!

What in the world are Subluxations?!!

Subluxations. It’s a buzz word that we chiropractors love to use! But there’s a reason for this!

Let’s debunk some of the confusion and shed light on the issue.

Our bodies are meant to self heal and self regulate, it’s why we don’t have to work at healing a cut or making our hearts blood around the body. It does it by itself.

Our nervous system is the most important system in our body. Why? Because it’s the master control system for us that allows the body to self heal and regulate. Our brains are is the control centre and the nerves are like telephone lines that communicate messages from the brain to the body and the body back to the brain.

If we interfere with this messaging system, what would happen? Similar to a phone call, if there is interference to the telephone wires the conversation becomes less and less clear.

These are what subluxations are. They interfere with your nervous system and cloud the conversation your brain is having with your body.


Now let’s get a bit more technical…

Subluxations are misalignments in the spine that form as reaction to an overwhelm of negative lifestyle stressors. A lifestyle stress is how we sit, move, stand, sleep, what we eat, how busy our lives are or our level of stress.


Picture a fuse box in your house. The reason why we have a fuse box is to protect the appliances from dangerous and damaging surges in electricity. Your spine works in a similar way. Subluxations form to protect the body from excessive damage from lifestyle stressors.

As a reaction to excessive negative stressors, our nerves start to function improperly and cause a chain reaction of events that result in;

  • spinal joint misalignment (Joints have a gluey type of movement as a result)
  • altered information about our surroundings to the brain
  • local muscle tightness and spasm resulting in functional movement weaknesses
  • local blood vessel swelling
  • changes to how well our bodies respond to stress
  • changes to how our organs are regulated


All of those things happen as a result of nerve interference!!! Probably a good thing to make sure our spines is free of those subluxations right? Last thing we want is get injured and unhealthy which puts the brakes on for what we want to achieve in life.


The good thing is that Chiropractors have known about these interference’s and have been specializing in correcting these subluxations for more than 100 yrs. The results have spoken for themselves! The science is simple. If we correct these subluxations we allow the conversation between your brain and your body to happen clearly and we can function at our peak. Your body can now self heal and regulate!

This is the reason why most pro athletes get adjusted to ensure peak performance and strength.

Why office workers get adjusted to ensure the damaging effects of sitting are reversed.

Why teenagers get adjusted to ensure their spine develops well. Or why children get adjusted to ensure their nervous system have the best foundation for all the learning they have to do.


Now we know what subluxations are, how they form and why you feel great after an adjustment.

Till next time, look after your body and it’ll look after you!

– Dr Andre

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