Your Spine is Like a Windmill

Your Spine is Like a Windmill

Nobel prize winner Roger Sperry found that the more we move, the more brain activity we generate. In a world which is busy, we are constantly finding ourselves more and more sedentary. We sit more, move less and find ourselves stressing more. This is not an assumption, but documented fact!

Our back pain specialist in Melbourne sees so many people that come in having spines which are already starting to degenerate. The problem is, they are way too young to be having those changes in their spine. We only have one spine, and our spine wears out as we get older. Like going grey, our spines do the same. The problem is that, chiropractors around the country are seeing spines which are wearing out prematurely. When this happens, we start to see more and more chronic health issues occurring. In fact, cadaver studies performed in the early 20th century found a strong correlation between cause of death and degeneration of spine.

A spine that becomes worn lacks movement. Once this starts to occur, even a chronic back pain specialist can’t reverse the damage. This impairment of spinal movement permanently affects the ability to generate your best brain activity and ultimately affects your health.

So my question is, when is it the best time to start looking after your spine? Today! The primary focus of back pain and slipped disc chiropractic treatment is maintaining and optimising the function and health of the spine and nervous system. This is the only profession on earth that studies for 5 years on the subject!

Why not take the first step and get an assessment of your spinal health? We sit down and talk through your goals and health history and figure out how we can help you in the long term. Best of all, it’s free! Book in your free initial consultation today to discuss disc injury treatment and other spinal issues.

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