Got a Clicky Jaw?

Got a Clicky Jaw?

The worst thing is having a jaw that clicks, cracks and locks. If this is you, then I want to start by saying there is hope!

Your jaw, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ), is complex. It’s a little known fact that your neck function, head posture and your spine affects the function of this important joint. This small joint has a major impact on our daily lives as well as our nervous system. The problem is that once we have issues with it, they tend to get worse with time if you don’t seek help from a jaw pain chiropractor.

Symptoms like grinding teeth, clenching, ear pain, headaches, migraines, blocked ears, dizziness and vertigo can stem from this joint. Long dental procedures, wisdom tooth extraction, trauma or poor spinal alignment are all contributing factors to how this joint becomes dysfunctional, leading to you potentially require migraine chiropractic care from a chiropractor for tension headache relief.

The problem is that not everyone knows how to care for it and treat the problem. Well, we are one of the few. We deal with complex TMJ problems and can help you gain relief. We’ll work with your dentist and other healthcare practitioners to ensure you get long term results.

If this is you, why not take the first step and book in a free initial consultation to see if we can help and if you qualify for our program! Our jaw and neck specialist in Melbourne would love to help you get back to feeling your best ?

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