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Dr Khahan Tran

Brief Info

Dr Khahan completed her Bachelor of Health Science/Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) in 2015. Thereafter, she immersed herself in a range of clinical settings inclusive of community football clubs, which focused on rehabilitation and wellness practices, with an emphasis on health and wellness.
Her passion of connecting with people and driving positivity within her community motivates Dr Khahan to continually cultivate and develop further skills within her journey of holistic health care. Her mission: to imbed as much positive impact within her community as possible.

Dr Khahan approaches Chiropractic as a representative of evolved health and wellness, where she looks to support people towards a progressive and abundant lifestyle. She holds an interest in care that outspreads spinal adjustments, and includes a range of systems including biophysics, neurology and rehabilitation. Her desire is to promote and facilitate an all-round healthy lifestyle, inclusive of mental and physical wellness, empowering her patients to achieve their purpose and goals in life.

To upkeep her own positive lifestyle, Dr Khahan enjoys music, with a particular love for playing the piano. She cares for her endearing puppy Biska who makes sure to keep her fitness levels up by being way too active for his own good. She is always looking for more opportunities to learn, upskill and connect with people.

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