TMJ Dysfunction

If you’re wondering what will help with TMJ dysfunction, chiropractic treatment is the answer! At My Health Chiro, we treat many patients who have TMJ in Melbourne with utmost care. If you are experiencing jaw pain and are in Maribyrnong, head on over to our clinic for a consultation.


If you’re suffering from TMJ Dysfunction, Chiropractic Treatment can help!

Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD), more commonly known as TMJ is an acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint. TMJ refers to a wide variety of conditions that affect TM joints, jaw muscles, and facial nerves.

TMJ dysfunction is very common in Melbourne. Many people experienceit and what they don’t realise is that a chiropractor can help with the associated pain.

TMJ has a range of symptoms which include pain in or around the ear, neck or jaw soreness, headaches, jaw pain when biting or chewing, strain when opening and closing the mouth, popping or clicking noises on opening the mouth, stiffness in jaw, tinnitus and dizziness. The wide range of these symptoms shows just how much our jaw muscles impact the surrounding joints and muscles.

TMJ pain can be debilitating. If you are unsure abouthow to manage this pain without medication, consult our TMJ specialist in Melbourne.

The causes of TMJ Dysfunction

The muscles and ligaments you use to move your mouth connect to your Temporomandibular joints, which is where the lower jawbone meets the skull. Temporomandibular dysfunctions, including arthritis, dislocation, injury or infection in your TMJ, can cause painful clicking and locking in your jaw, headaches, neck pain and ringing in your ears.

There are many possible causes of TMJ dysfunctions. Some known causes are:
• Physical injury
• arthritis
• Grinding or clenching teeth during sleep
• Autoimmune diseases
• Dental surgery
• Infections

Looking for a TMJ Specialist in Melbourne?

At My Health Chiro we focus on 3 key muscles: the masseter, the temporalis, and the pterygoid. To ensure everything is aligned properly, our specialists also pay close attention to the jaw joint itself and the top 2 vertebrae because they massively impact the jaw joint.

Doing soft tissue work to relieve jaw pain is a bit complicated to do yourself so it is best to consult a TMJ specialist for this. Once this is completed, we move on to adjust and evaluate the jaw in a TMJ dysfunction chiropractic treatment.

We adjust the stuck side of the jaw first and then the other side with a light push motion. After this adjustment, we revaluate and often find that the jaw joint is realigned. If the jaw is very tight, a TMJ dysfunction chiropractic treatment can be combined with dry needling. 

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What our clients say...

Melissa Castiglia
Melissa Castiglia
Andre is one of the best practitioners I’ve ever seen. He is so knowledgeable and full of empathy. The amount of times I’ve cried walking into our sessions because of my health is ridiculous. But each time, he has held space for me and assisted me to work through it. When I first came to see him, I struggled so much with neurological fatigue every single day due to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He explained our treatment plan so clearly, stage by stage (and still continues to keep me educated to this day). With his treatments, my fatigue got less and less. And my capacity grew more and more. I look forward to our sessions weekly and couldn’t recommend his services highly enough. He is a fantastic chiropractor, with an endless wealth of knowledge and compassion.
Joey Lai
Joey Lai
Love my care team ❤️, in the past two years I’ve seen numerous professionals such as doctors, chiropractors and physios. No one could diagnose my pain or help me until I came here.
Warrick Clark
Warrick Clark
Very professional and lovely people.
Nathan Faltas
Nathan Faltas
staff here genuinely care and put a lot of effort into my recovery plan. They were really good at helping me manage my expectations when it come to my recovery! Staff are really friendly too!
Josephine McFadries
Josephine McFadries
Great practice, go above and beyond to clarify your issues, explain what is happening in your body and mind, this practice takes a holistic approach and does not just focus on the structure of the body, I am made to feel welcome and know that I will be treated in a safe and secure environment.
Sirena Smith
Sirena Smith
I have always had the best experience here ever since my first appointment. The reception staff are amazing and helpful. Dr Andre is the first person who has given me hope in overcoming chronic pain I have suffered for years. I am finally seeing some improvement! Couldn't recommend him enough!
Juan Carlos Marino
Juan Carlos Marino
Josh and the staff are great, very professional and easy to talk to. In a short period of time I can see the progress and great results.
Maria Filakis
Maria Filakis
Josh and the reception staff are always very helpful and understanding. Very comfortable and professional little practice. Team are doing all they can to help me achieve my goals. Josh is always so attentive and patient. He is very encouraging passionate and determined to get a great outcome

Why choose us

Take control of TMJ

TMJ pain can be debilitating. If you are unsure about how to manage this enervating pain without medication, consult our TMJ specialist in Melbourne! TMJ dysfunction chiropractic treatment can help ease the pain and with some soft tissue work you can also loosen up your jaw muscles, enabling yourself to take control of your TMJ!

Relieve Jaw muscle stress

Many people experience TMJ and what they don’t realise is that a chiropractor can help with the associated pain! Symptoms like neck/jaw soreness, pain in or around the ear, and tinittus are among some of the many symptoms that shows just how much our jaw muscles impact the surrounding joints/muscles.

Quality Care Assurance

If at any point we find that your treatment plan isn’t achieving our intended goals, we will make sure we find out why. If we find at any point that we are unable to help you toward your goal, we will find someone who is able to give you the proper care required. We want to make sure you get the care you need, not waste your time or money!

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