Bulging Disc

A disc injury could affect any part of your spine. This can negatively influence your quality of life and your daily activities, as well as hold you back from doing the things you want to. At My Health Chiro, this is exactly what we do not want.


Bulging Disc Treatment in Melbourne

A healthy spine offers us the support and means to move with flexibility and ease. The bones and intervertebral discs that make up our spine are usually able to endure a high degree of pressure, and the Discs also work as shock absorbers that keep the vertebral bones separate. However, there could be times when the unnatural or abnormal neck and back movement could cause injury, trauma and Disc damage, resulting in acute pain and limitations in movement. There are a variety of terms associated with spinal injuries, such as Herniated or Ruptured Disc, Bulging Disc, Disc Prolapse, Slipped Disc and Pinched Nerve.

This injury could affect any part of yourspine. This can affect your quality of life and your daily activities, as well as limit you back from doing the things you want to. At My Health Chiro, this is exactly what we do not want.

Regular symptoms of spinal injury

Any Disc injury is characterized by certain common symptoms like pain and mobility issues. These can be sudden or be triggered by certain movements or actions, and could be intermittent or even linger on for days. The actual symptoms depend upon the location of injury. Some common symptoms could be:

  • Severe shooting pain in the back, neck or arms
  • Pins & needles in the leg
  • Pain in the buttocks, thighs, legs or feet
  • Muscle spasms in the back
  • Numbness / burning / tingling sensation in the spine
  • Difficulty to maintain posture
  • Restrictions or limitations in movement
  • Muscle weakness
  • Antalgic posture and altered gait
  • General stiffness


If you experience any of these symptoms, we advise you to consult with our bulging Disc specialist in Melbourne at the earliest, so that you can prevent further aggravation of the issue.

Diagnosis of Bulging Disc in Melbourne

At My Health Chiro, we start our diagnostic process by taking a detailed medical history accompanied with a physical examination and reviewing imaging tests such as a CT scan or an MRI. This allows us to get to the root cause of the symptoms, and prescribe custom strategies to help you achieve your wellness goals.

The Key Causes of a bulging disc

Body Mechanics

A bad posture or repetitive forceful motion that involves bending or lifting heavy weights can cause postural / bio-mechanical stress and Disc degeneration.

Obesity and Low core strength

Excess weight, combined with lower limb strength can cause undue pressure on the spinal Discs, and low core strength could increase the likelihood of injury.

Sudden Trauma

This could be a result of a severe accident or a fall, which can cause extreme shock and damage to the Discs. Those in bad vehicle accidents are more likely to experience this.


Some studies show a higher propensity to develop spinal injury if it is present in the family, due to lower density of fibrocartilaginous fibres.

Lifestyle Factors

Living a sedentary life that entails sitting for long hours at a stretch and limited exercise could also lead to increased wear and tear resulting in a herniated disc.


While injury can happen at any age, it is observed to be more common among those at an advanced age due to increased wear and tear.

Bulging Disc treatment in melbourne

How To Treat Bulging Disc

The treatment plan for a Bulging Disc needs to be multifactorial and wide enough to account for the physical, chemical and emotional presentations of the condition. There are many treatment options for a bulging disc. Our aim is to provide short and long term solutions through chiropractic and neurological adjustments, flexibility and strengthening exercises and lifestyle management. At My Health Chiro, we believe in a holistic approach and use a variety of techniques along with self-management and lifestyle changes. Depending upon the cause and degree of pain, our chiropractors will customise a bespoke health program to suit your individual needs.

Manual Spinal Manipulation / Adjustment:
This entails manual repositioning of a joint to improve the overall curvature, alignment and flexibility of the spine, and reduce pressure and pain on the nerve.

Traction Therapy:
Also known as Flexion-Distraction Therapy, the focus here is to mobilize joints through the stretching of the lumbar and thoracic spine to reduce the pressure on the disc and bring about ease and improvement in spinal movement.

Neurological Adjusting:
This technique used to improve the function of the nerves that help maintain the stability of the local region of the disc bulge so that your body can repair the damage efficiently and without re-injury. This type of therapy is unique to our clinic and a must have when dealing with a disc bulge.

Activator Technique:
In this, handheld mechanical instruments are used to provide a low-force impulse at strategic joints, to allow for easy joint movement. This technique is suitable for all.

SOT (Sacro Occipital) Pelvic Blocking

This technique is a very effective and low force way to address the symptoms of pain and inflammation. It not only impacts and improves the biomechanical structure of the pelvis and sacrum but also has an impact of the spinal cord and the sheath that surrounds the spinal cord and brain. Our chiropractors will create a tailor-made and bespoke plan, which will include specific exercises that you can follow even post your treatment. We understand the importance of maintaining the right mindset, to speed up the healing process. This usually works for most patients and alleviates the need for surgery.

If you would like to consult with our bulging disc specialist in Melbourne, you can just book an appointment online.

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Melissa Castiglia
Melissa Castiglia
Andre is one of the best practitioners I’ve ever seen. He is so knowledgeable and full of empathy. The amount of times I’ve cried walking into our sessions because of my health is ridiculous. But each time, he has held space for me and assisted me to work through it. When I first came to see him, I struggled so much with neurological fatigue every single day due to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He explained our treatment plan so clearly, stage by stage (and still continues to keep me educated to this day). With his treatments, my fatigue got less and less. And my capacity grew more and more. I look forward to our sessions weekly and couldn’t recommend his services highly enough. He is a fantastic chiropractor, with an endless wealth of knowledge and compassion.
Joey Lai
Joey Lai
Love my care team ❤️, in the past two years I’ve seen numerous professionals such as doctors, chiropractors and physios. No one could diagnose my pain or help me until I came here.
Warrick Clark
Warrick Clark
Very professional and lovely people.
Nathan Faltas
Nathan Faltas
staff here genuinely care and put a lot of effort into my recovery plan. They were really good at helping me manage my expectations when it come to my recovery! Staff are really friendly too!
Josephine McFadries
Josephine McFadries
Great practice, go above and beyond to clarify your issues, explain what is happening in your body and mind, this practice takes a holistic approach and does not just focus on the structure of the body, I am made to feel welcome and know that I will be treated in a safe and secure environment.
Sirena Smith
Sirena Smith
I have always had the best experience here ever since my first appointment. The reception staff are amazing and helpful. Dr Andre is the first person who has given me hope in overcoming chronic pain I have suffered for years. I am finally seeing some improvement! Couldn't recommend him enough!
Juan Carlos Marino
Juan Carlos Marino
Josh and the staff are great, very professional and easy to talk to. In a short period of time I can see the progress and great results.
Maria Filakis
Maria Filakis
Josh and the reception staff are always very helpful and understanding. Very comfortable and professional little practice. Team are doing all they can to help me achieve my goals. Josh is always so attentive and patient. He is very encouraging passionate and determined to get a great outcome

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