Chiropractic Adjustments

We’re passionate about delivering the best chiropractic care there is, which starts at your initial examination and carries on throughout your chiropractic journey.

All the tests we do are non-invasive. This means that we don’t put anything nasty or harmful into your body, and we don’t take anything out. It is 100% safe!


More than just chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments focus immensely on rehabilitating our innate ability to be healthy. To do this, a great emphasis is put on removing the interference in our nervous system caused by the many stressors in our life, so that the brain and the body can communicate using a flawless and cohesive pathway.
By finding these areas of dysfunction and determining the cause of why you are feeling the way you are, we are then able to promote a healthy transmission of nerve impulses by knowing which areas we need to stimulate, stabilise and strengthen.

Our adjustments involve very precise input to areas of dysfunction to support pain reduction, improve blood flow and a greater range of motion and mobility, decrease muscle spasm and decrease scar tissue breakdown.

As a secondary outcome of our adjustments, there’s pain relief and symptom management; however, the most important thing that occurs with Chiropractic is enhancing the neurological stimulation and input to the brain so that it has the optimum and maximum level of information and signals to effectively function and heal our body.

Your initial adjustment

So you’ve had your Dr Call with us and we know that you’re in the right place. From here, we start your treatment in person at one of our clinics, whichever is most convenient for you.

We’re passionate about delivering the best chiropractic care there is. That is why we leave no stone unturned and thoroughly test your nervous system and spine to establish why you are feeling the way you are.

Your Initial Examination is thorough and detailed. We want to ensure we create a clear and detailed picture of how your body and nervous system is working. We test the function of the 3 levels of your body through 88 individual tests, all of which are up-to-date, science-based assessments. By evaluating the function of your brain, spine and muscles, we can form a clear picture on how we can help and what treatment plan works best for you. Your Initial Examination consists of the following assessments:

  • Digital Postural Examination
  • Thermographic Spinal Scans
  • Balance and Coordination Testing
  • Functional Brain Assessment
  • Nerve Function Assessment
  • Muscle Function Assessment
  • Orthopaedic Testing
  • Chiropractic Specific Assessment

Your Adjustments result in:


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Our Approach

In most cases, we provide some form of treatment on your first visit as long as it’s clinically indicated and safe. We practice low force techniques, as well as traditional manual adjustments, but can vary our techniques to suit your needs if this is not ideal for you. Sometimes, we may require more information to ensure that the treatment we give you is safe. In these cases, we will refer you for further diagnostic imaging before we commence care.

Our goal at the end of your initial examination is to ensure we understand how close, or how far from, optimal function you are. This then gives us a clear and detailed understanding on how to structure our care plan for you, as well as which techniques would work the best for your body. We explain why you’re feeling the way you are, and help you understand what level of dysfunction your body is in. More importantly, we talk to you about how we can help and what your next steps are from here.

What you can do after a chiropractic adjustment:

After a Chiropractic adjustment, there are a few things you can do to sustain and maximise the effects of your adjustment:

  • Drink plenty of water: When you receive an adjustment, the stimulation and movement of your muscles and bones results in a release of toxins. Drinking a lot of water will assist with cushioning your joints, transporting nourishment to your cells and flushing out the toxic metabolic by-products that are released.
  • Keep moving and stay active: This may include going for walks, stretching and exercise. We want our adjustments to hold for as long as possible and by avoiding sedentary behaviours and increasing movement, we can slowly retrain our body to understand what a normal and healthy position is, rather than reverting back to the same state we were originally in.
  • Follow your exercise plan, if given one: An exercise plan may also be beneficial towards recovery. Specific exercises can help stabilise and strengthen particular weaknesses or dysfunctional areas of our bodies. If given exercises, we highly recommend doing them. This is because they play a significant role in the speediness of your healing process. In conjunction with your Chiropractic adjustments, they will help your body reach its optimal state of health faster!

Frequently Asked Questions

In the words of the New Zealand Government’s Inquiry, chiropractic care is “remarkably safe” (1). Chiropractic has an excellent safety record. It is the result of a conservative approach to health that avoids invasive procedures or addictive drugs.

In relation to the treatment of neck and back pain, studies have shown that a course of chiropractic care was 250 times safer than a course of anti-inflammatory drugs (2).

The US Governments’ National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine rated Chiropractic treatment effective and relatively safe for the treatment of lower back pain when performed by a trained and licensed practitioner (3). In fact, 14 out of the 16 International Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of lower back pain recommend Chiropractic care (4).

So you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

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Of course! Your nerves that exit from your spine connect with many areas, including the muscles. When nerves are irritated at the spine, there is spasming and tightening of the muscles that are connected to those nerves.

For chiropractor tension headache relief, we can alleviate discomfort by adjusting the body. Many people find that once they get adjusted and the nerves are functioning well, the muscles naturally relax. We use soft tissue techniques to further address the muscles and also have a local referral network if further work is needed.

Chiropractor tension headache relief and migraine chiropractic care will differ between people. Each person is unique and has their own set of circumstances. The same applies to their condition and the most appropriate course of treatment. At our office, we make sure we create a detailed treatment plan and help you answer the questions of what we can do, how long it will take and the best options to get the ideal result.

At My Health Chiro, we endeavour to provide the best care possible. If at any point we find that your headache or migraine treatment in Melbourne isn’t achieving our intended goals, we will make sure we find out why. If we find at any point we are unable to help you toward your goal, we will find someone who will. We want to make sure you get the care you need, not waste your time or money!

Certainly! At My Health Chiro, we’re a patient-centered chiropractic wellness practice for Maribyrnong, Maidstone, Footscray, Aberfeldie, Essendon and Ascot Vale areas. We are more than happy to help you or direct your friend or family member to a chiropractor closest to their location.

What our clients say...

Melissa Castiglia
Melissa Castiglia
Andre is one of the best practitioners I’ve ever seen. He is so knowledgeable and full of empathy. The amount of times I’ve cried walking into our sessions because of my health is ridiculous. But each time, he has held space for me and assisted me to work through it. When I first came to see him, I struggled so much with neurological fatigue every single day due to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He explained our treatment plan so clearly, stage by stage (and still continues to keep me educated to this day). With his treatments, my fatigue got less and less. And my capacity grew more and more. I look forward to our sessions weekly and couldn’t recommend his services highly enough. He is a fantastic chiropractor, with an endless wealth of knowledge and compassion.
Joey Lai
Joey Lai
Love my care team ❤️, in the past two years I’ve seen numerous professionals such as doctors, chiropractors and physios. No one could diagnose my pain or help me until I came here.
Warrick Clark
Warrick Clark
Very professional and lovely people.
Nathan Faltas
Nathan Faltas
staff here genuinely care and put a lot of effort into my recovery plan. They were really good at helping me manage my expectations when it come to my recovery! Staff are really friendly too!
Josephine McFadries
Josephine McFadries
Great practice, go above and beyond to clarify your issues, explain what is happening in your body and mind, this practice takes a holistic approach and does not just focus on the structure of the body, I am made to feel welcome and know that I will be treated in a safe and secure environment.
Sirena Smith
Sirena Smith
I have always had the best experience here ever since my first appointment. The reception staff are amazing and helpful. Dr Andre is the first person who has given me hope in overcoming chronic pain I have suffered for years. I am finally seeing some improvement! Couldn't recommend him enough!
Juan Carlos Marino
Juan Carlos Marino
Josh and the staff are great, very professional and easy to talk to. In a short period of time I can see the progress and great results.
Maria Filakis
Maria Filakis
Josh and the reception staff are always very helpful and understanding. Very comfortable and professional little practice. Team are doing all they can to help me achieve my goals. Josh is always so attentive and patient. He is very encouraging passionate and determined to get a great outcome

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