Sporting Injuries

At My Health Chiro, we’ve got the expertise to help alleviate pain associated with your sports injury and promote healing. Read on to lean the causes of sports injuries and how we go about treating them at our Maribyrnong clinic.


How we treat sports injuries

First and foremost, we strive to equip athletes and other people with the best foundation to ensure their bodies are performing at their peak. That’s why we assess the spine and muscle function in great detail to evaluate and identify areas of weakness and improvement. We create a program designed to improve and strengthen those weak movement patterns and ensure that those changes are retained for years ahead.

Our second focus is helping to speed up recovery and repair. When we get injured, our bodies create inflammation. Inflammation is a not a bad thing; it leads to repair and allows the function to return back to normal. The main focus is to increase stability and repair, not decrease inflammation. Inflammation will naturally decrease when the repair and stability improves. We also want to re-establish proper nerve flow in the area to ensure the brain can talk to the muscles properly to stabilise the area to prevent re-injury while in the repair phase.

Research has shown that our conventional response of R.I.C.E (Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate) slows the healing process down by preventing the necessary repair cells to flood to the area and replace the damaged tissue. It’s better to introduce early mobilisation and movement to the area in the injury phase. This stimulates a healthy flow of toxins out and repair cells in to help speed up recovery and repair.

What causes sports injuries?

Injuries are part and parcel of playing any sport. That’s why most elite athletes and teams have a chiropractor on their team to help prevent injuries, ensure peak movement and performance, and help them recover from injury faster.

Generally, we get injured when we push our bodies to its limits, where it is unable to stabilise itself. In other cases, another cause may be responsible.

Our nerves are designed to give our brain feedback about how we are moving and spatial awareness. When these nerves are not functioning properly, it affects the brain’s ability to control our muscles and enable them to stabilise our joints. This is where most injuries stem from – poor nerve function.

Once these poor movement patterns lead to injury, our bodies are now on the journey of repair. Inflammation and tissue repair is the main focus.

Being proactive in preventing injuries is a major focus of chiropractic and the work we do at our office. If you’re searching for “sports injury chiropractor near me”, make an appointment at our chiropractic clinic in Maribyrnong.

Frequently Asked Questions

When they search for “sports injury chiropractor near me” and make an appointment, many people have questions about what they can and can’t do in their injured state. Exercise is the golden question for a lot of people. Each injury is unique and repairs at unique time frames. Generally, if you’re feeling pain, there is injury and the need for repair. The more you exercise and stress the area, the higher the chances are for re injury and worsening the existing injury. It is always best to get an assessment for your condition before you continue or start exercising. At our office, we provide you with a care plan that includes the best ways to stay active while still helping your body repair.

Everyone is unique and so are their injuries. The severity varies from person to person, so we create a program that is tailored to you. Generally, it takes 6 weeks for an injury to repair from the first injury phase to a stable recovering phase. In that time, we’ll create a program which includes stretching, strengthening and adjustments to speed up your recovery time.

At My Health Chiro, we aim to reach the health goals set out in your treatment plan. If that isn’t happening for you, then our next mission is to work out why. If we get to a point where we can’t take you any further on your healing journey, then we’ll help find someone who can give you the treatment you need. We never want to waste anyone’s time or money. Our network of allied health professionals can often deepen the healing of your sports injury through a variety of therapeutic methods.

No! You can visit a chiropractor without a referral. You can request a referral from your GP for Medicare’s EPC scheme. However, it is best to discuss this with us as well as your GP to assess your suitability.

If you live in Maribyrnong, Footscray or Essendon, our chiropractic clinic is located close to you at Ground Suite 2/84 La Scala Avenue, Maribyrnong. Next time you’re searching for “sports injury chiropractor near me”, call us now on (03) 9317 8913 to make an appointment

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How Can A Sports Injury Chiropractor Help?

Maximise Function

Our focus is to maximise the function of your body so that you can perform at your peak all the time!

Speed up recovery

It’s essential to introduce early mobilisation in the injury phase to stimulate a healthy flow of toxins out and repair cells to help speed up recovery and repair.

Prevent Injuries

Being proactive in preventing injuries is a major focus of chiropractic and the work we do at our office.

What our clients say...

Melissa Castiglia
Melissa Castiglia
Andre is one of the best practitioners I’ve ever seen. He is so knowledgeable and full of empathy. The amount of times I’ve cried walking into our sessions because of my health is ridiculous. But each time, he has held space for me and assisted me to work through it. When I first came to see him, I struggled so much with neurological fatigue every single day due to a multiple sclerosis diagnosis. He explained our treatment plan so clearly, stage by stage (and still continues to keep me educated to this day). With his treatments, my fatigue got less and less. And my capacity grew more and more. I look forward to our sessions weekly and couldn’t recommend his services highly enough. He is a fantastic chiropractor, with an endless wealth of knowledge and compassion.
Joey Lai
Joey Lai
Love my care team ❤️, in the past two years I’ve seen numerous professionals such as doctors, chiropractors and physios. No one could diagnose my pain or help me until I came here.
Warrick Clark
Warrick Clark
Very professional and lovely people.
Nathan Faltas
Nathan Faltas
staff here genuinely care and put a lot of effort into my recovery plan. They were really good at helping me manage my expectations when it come to my recovery! Staff are really friendly too!
Josephine McFadries
Josephine McFadries
Great practice, go above and beyond to clarify your issues, explain what is happening in your body and mind, this practice takes a holistic approach and does not just focus on the structure of the body, I am made to feel welcome and know that I will be treated in a safe and secure environment.
Sirena Smith
Sirena Smith
I have always had the best experience here ever since my first appointment. The reception staff are amazing and helpful. Dr Andre is the first person who has given me hope in overcoming chronic pain I have suffered for years. I am finally seeing some improvement! Couldn't recommend him enough!
Juan Carlos Marino
Juan Carlos Marino
Josh and the staff are great, very professional and easy to talk to. In a short period of time I can see the progress and great results.
Maria Filakis
Maria Filakis
Josh and the reception staff are always very helpful and understanding. Very comfortable and professional little practice. Team are doing all they can to help me achieve my goals. Josh is always so attentive and patient. He is very encouraging passionate and determined to get a great outcome

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