How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

The last month we’ve been unpacking concepts around health, wellness and chiropractic in our Wellness Concepts Video Series on our Facebook Page.

One of the topics which I want to highlight is what I call my Action Principle. I did a video on this, why don’t you check it out here.


Someone once said, ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’. It really stuck with me. I realized that our ingrained motivations and values are reflected in our actions. Those can be positive and constructive motivations or the opposite.

How we look after our car can sometimes have parallels on how we look after our health. We can be one of 3 people.

The first is the person you see pulled over on the side of the road with steam pouring out of the engine. They wait till things go drastically wrong before they decide to do something about it. In fact, they will look at the flashing check engine light and ignore it for months.

The second is the person who looks after their car like the manufacturer would describe. They make sure they abide by the regular scheduled logbook services. Their motivation is to look after their car now so it lasts in the future.

The third person is the enthusiast. They spare no expense when it comes to their car. The wash it weekly, service it when there’s a speck of dirt in the oil and are always checking the car to make sure it runs at its best. They want their car to run at its absolute best now and well into the future.


There are 3 mindsets here.

  1. Reactive thinking. The first person who’s car is broken before they want to take action.
  2. Proactive thinking. The second person who takes steps now to ensure a good result in the future.
  3. Peak performance thinking. The third who takes every step to ensure the best result now and in the future.


So which one are you? Which one do you view your health with?

Are you waiting for things to go wrong before you do something about it? Or are you taking necessary steps now to ensure you look after your spine so that its healthy over a lifetime?


I want to challenge you. Aim for a health level of your health. You only have one body, look after it now so it lasts a lifetime!

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