Listen To Your Body’s Whispers Before It Starts Shouting At You

Listen To Your Body’s Whispers Before It Starts Shouting At You

In our last blog, we introduced you to the concept of constructive and destructive stress. We also spoke about how important it was to keep the scale tipped in favour of the positive stress rather than the negative. We used the leaking bucket analogy to demonstrate the effect that positive and negative stressors have on our body and to highlight how important it is to make sure that the bucket is being filled with water (our positive stressors) to compensate for the inevitable loss.

Remember that in this example, the bucket represents us, and the water is our health expression. If we run out of water in the bucket we are, in effect, worsening our health expression.

So what happens when we start to run out of water? At what point do our bodies start to feel bad and dysfunctional?

Well the answer may surprise you! See we don’t go from feeling well to feeling bad all of a sudden. Our body will always whisper at us before it starts shouting at us.

Picture that same bucket now, but with indicators built in. These indicators are warning signs to let us know that there is a decline in our health expression.

We have 4 levels:

  • Optimal
  • Comfortable
  • Uncomfortable
  • Danger

If I had to ask you the question of which level you would want to remain at for your lifetime, I am almost certain that your answer would be ‘optimal’. This is the level where you are feeling well and your body is functioning at its peak.

So, what happens when there is a decline to the comfortable level? This is when your body begins to ‘whisper’, your body still feels comfortable but is no longer functioning at its peak. You don’t have the same energy levels you used to, your recovery after big weekends, exercise, gardening or sport are not what they used to be. Deep down it’s not obvious to us that we are hurting, we just know that we’re not at our best.

So what does the uncomfortable level feel like? This is when your body is starting to fall into symptoms of inflammation. You may start to get injured more often because of faulty and inefficient biomechanics. Your recovery is much slower now and your energy levels are much lower, things like gardening, sport or even sleeping in the wrong position can take their toll. Your body feels older than it really is and is beginning to give you real signs that need attention.

Danger zone is when the body reaches crisis point. At this point your body is low on many things and can’t function effectively anymore. You keep running yourself into the ground and your body can’t bounce back from it. Inflammation is at its highest. Your digestion, sleep, pain and energy levels are at its worst. This is the point where you know you have to take drastic action.

So which level are you at? Are you happy where you are? Where do you want to be in the long-term.

If your goal is to improve the level you are at, it’s time to take action. We have to begin the work on getting your nerves, muscles, organs and habits back to an ‘optimal’ state.

The first step is to strengthen your nervous system. It’s important to restore function back to the most important organ of your body first as it runs every other organ system. Then let’s transform your habits and get you back to actively filling the bucket and tipping the scales with overwhelmingly positive stress. Once we’ve got you to where you want to be, then let’s keep you there.

Prevention is infinitely better than cure!

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