Nervous System

What is the most important organ system in the body? Many say heart. But what runs the heart? Well, the brain!

Our brain is the master control system for our body’s. It co-ordinates the functions of repair and regulation of our vital systems like digestion, cardiovascular, neurological and musculoskeletal. It does so through the nerves of our body called the nervous system. It’s like the electrical wiring of our body that keeps us connected.

Any interference to this connection results in a poorer expression of health. We find ourselves feeling more fatigued, tight and less flexible, bloated, getting injured more often, feeling overwhelmed by life’s stressors and ultimately less in control of our body and health.

Our spine and spinal column protects and houses our spinal cord and nervous system. We now know that poor spinal health equals poor nervous system, and ultimately it pairs the fundamental and important function of self-healing and self-regulating.

Any interference with the nervous system and spine results in interruptions in neurological expression. This is why it’s fundamental to optimise the nervous system as first priority. It not only provides the most effective way to restore function, but helps give you control back to life rather than experience symptoms that you can’t predict or control.

The way this is done is through niched chiropractic techniques that restores movement back to the spinal joints while stimulating your brain to restore the awareness of muscles, joints, organs and our surroundings.

At our office, our team utilises 9 niched techniques that range from low force techniques using our tables or adjusting tools to the more traditional manual adjustments as well as functional neurology techniques to achieve faster results and lock them in.

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