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Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in life. You are carrying the miracle of life and are responsible to protecting, nurturing and providing the best for your little one. We understand you want the absolute best for you little one, and want to provide the best start to life. But we also understand your body can get weary through your pregnancy.

As bubs grows and matures, so does your body change. There are numerous changes going on and joints are progressively becoming more flexible the closer you get to your due date.

It is common for most women to experience some form of back pain. Approximately 70% of woman will experience low back pain over a lifetime (1). In pregnancy alone, 50-70% of woman will report back pain (2). As a result, chiropractic care is becoming increasingly popular with numerous women as an alternative to drug therapy to manage back pain. Whether it be low grade back pain or pelvic hyper-mobility, chiropractic is showing to be an effective way to naturally manage the symptoms of pregnancy.

Chiropractic care focuses on ensuring the spine and nervous system function well and jump over the hurdles of pregnancy with ease. It can also help to shorten labour times, reduce pain while in labour as well ensure your nervous system can jump the hurdles of pregnancy. Numerous woman just deal with the “side effects” of pregnancy like heartburn, reflux, constipation and pelvic pain because they aren’t aware chiropractic is a safe treatment that can actually help. It has been shown that as few as 32% of women report symptoms to their prenatal provider, and only 25% of providers recommend treatment (3).


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Chiropractic care has been shown to effective in pregnancy and more importantly has been shown to be safe during pregnancy. At our office, we ensure we use the most effective and safest treatment for you as well as bubs. We also look at your pregnancy 3-dimensionally and help you holistically have the best pregnancy you can. We also help you with advice on how to care for yourself as well as a growing little one with nutritional plans to help neonatal neurological development, stretches and exercises to help prepare for labour and delivery as well as postural strategies to help you feel great in the led up to maternity leave as well as delivery.

Studies have shown chiropractic to be effective and safe for you and bubs.

A study looked at pregnant woman with lower back pain who received chiropractic care and adjustments. It showed 94.1% of woman reduced their pain levels by an average of 60% to an average pain scale of 1.5/10 (1).

A study in 1993 by Dr Joan Fallon looked at the labour times of pregnant woman who had received chiropractic care and those who didn’t. Her clinical findings showed that first time mothers had a labour time of an average of 14hrs. Whereas those who underwent chiropractic care, had an average labour time of 8hrs. For women who were delivering their 2nd or subsequent children had average labour time of 9hrs. Whereas those who underwent chiropractic care, had an average labour time of 4-5hrs! (2).

Another study looked at a group of 400 woman to see what percentage of woman had back pain and if chiropractic care reduced back pain in labour. Of the 170 pregnancies that reported back pain, 72% of them reported back pain in labour. The study compared the group who had chiropractic care and showed that 84% of these women reported reduced back pain in labour (3).
The study gets more interesting as treatment was given to a group while in labour and another received placebo treatment. 81% of the group that received treatment experienced pain relief and 80% felt like they required less pain relief or medical intervention (3).
This study also measured labour times and found labour times decreased 24% for first time mums and 30% for second time mums (3).

And lastly a study looked to see if chiropractic care helped sacroiliac joint dysfunction (pelvic joint dysfunction). Of the 100 woman that were screened, 11 women qualified for a true sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This means that the study only treated those who had a definitive diagnosis not symptoms that looked like it. The results showed 91% had pain relief and tested negative for sacroiliac joint dysfunction. This means, chiropractic adjustments are effective with dealing with unstable pelvic joints (4).

So rest assured you are in the best hands for helping ensure your pregnancy is as comfortable as possible.


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Is it safe for me to get adjusted while pregnant?

Yes! Chiropractic adjustments are safe and provide great relief while pregnant.In the words of the New Zealand Government’s Inquiry, chiropractic care is “remarkably safe” (1). Chiropractic has an excellent safety record.In relation to the treatment of neck and back pain, studies have shown that a course of chiropractic care was 250 times safer than a course of anti-inflammatory drugs(2).The US Governments’ National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine rated Chiropractic treatment effective and relatively safe for the treatment of lower back pain when performed by a trained and licensed practitioner (3). In fact 14 out of the 16 International Clinical Guidelines for the treatment of lower back pain recommend Chiropractic care (4).

Our chiropractors are qualified and have lots of experience adjusting women while pregnant. They have the knowledge base to modify adjustments at every stage of pregnancy and provide the safest most effective treatment while you’re carrying precious cargo. We have specially designed treatment tables to accommodate for pregnancy as well as treatment protocols that are shown to safe and avoid key areas that should not be stimulated in pregnancy.

Rest assured you are in safe hands.

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Is it safe for bubs, for me to get adjusted?

Yes! Chiropractic care when provided by a qualified and registered chiropractor is safe for you and bubs. Our chiropractors are qualified, registered and have a wealth of experience with adjusting women in pregnancy. Adjustments in pregnancy makes it more comfortable for you and helps assist with labour and delivery. Our chiropractors modify techniques to ensure you and bubs stay safe while getting care. We have specially designed treatment tables to accommodate for pregnancy. We also use treatment protocols that are shown to safe and avoid key areas that should not be stimulated in pregnancy. Rest assured you are in safe hands.

Does my care involve only adjustments?

At our office, we want to help you create the best environment for bubs to grow and thrive in. Which is why we always providing you with a care plan that goes beyond just adjustments. We help you make decisions about what nutrients are best for you as well as bubs to champion neurological development. We provide you strategies to help your body jump the hurdles of change that pregnancy provides, with stretches, home and work advice as well as exercises.

I have a complicated medical history, can chiropractic help?

We are a big believer in a collaborative approach to health. We understand that each healthcare providers have their area of expertise and we love to work as part of a team to provide the best care for you and your child. We recognize that chiropractic is one piece to the puzzle and therefore regularly partner with your healthcare providers and work together on a health plan that is best for you not for us.

Do you provide advice and information on how I can care for my child when they are born?

We are a big believer in empowering mothers to provide the best environment for their child to thrive. We run classes and workshops on how to provide the best for your child, from a development, nutrition and habit perspective. We also are a big advocate for working as a part of a team of healthcare practitioners to assist your goals. Therefore, we partner with your maternal and child health nurse, GP and pediatrician to ensure we can all provide you and your child the best care possible.

Can I get my child assessed after birth?

Absolutely! We encourage mum’s to consider the spinal health of a child. We recognise that the birth process can sometimes be traumatic and have complications. This can put strain on an infant’s spine. We offer parents the option of getting their child checked to see their spines are at the best starting point for life. This helps to give you more information if chiropractic can help as well as having the piece of mind that their child has a great foundation to start life with. Best of all, its FREE and is obligation free.