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TMJ Dysfunction is more common than you think. The annoying thing, is that in most cases, it starts so slowly that we almost don’t notice it until we have some form of warning signal or symptom. It may be headaches, tight temples, restriction when eating or even clenching. These quiet symptoms eventually become far louder and results in clicking, cracking or even locking. These symptoms have a significant impact on our lives and pose future challenges to the overall alignment and integrity of our bite. Consider that one source, estimates around 300,000 people who use braces every year and that 75% of them are below the age of 19, it’s no wonder we should be concerned about the impact improper TMJ function can have on our alignment of our teeth.

Truth is that there are natural options to deal with TMJ dysfunction. It’s important to pick a chiropractor that specializes in an TMJ dysfunction. At our office we do!

Your chiropractor will sit down and ensure we can understand the source or cause of the improper alignment of your TMJ. Looking at the body from an holistic window is essential. Many cases of TMJ dysfunction stem from a improper aligned spine that can result from the stressors of daily life, trauma or even insults to our nervous system. Treating the body globally is the key! This ensures we lock in a long term result, not just a simple short term fix.

So why not take the step and book in a consultation with one of our TMJ Dysfunction Chiropractors?