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Dr Josh’s involvement with Chiropractic care started at a young age as a patient receiving treatment for Shin Splints and lower back pain. The relief he experienced, and the care given, was the inspirational moment that encouraged him to pursue a career in the health field. The more he progressed through his studies, the more he understood the positive effects Chiropractic care can have, not just physical health, but on emotional and mental wellbeing. This has driven his passion and enthusiasm to give the best care possible to anyone who walks in the door, and perhaps inspire another the way I was inspired.

Having previously studied a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, he has developed a passionate interest in sports and rehabilitation, particularly in utilizing a multi-modal approach to spinal and extremity treatment. Using exercises to compliment the treatment used in the clinic is an important and effective tool that anyone can use to improve their wellbeing.

He was fortunate enough to partake in a clinical program in Samoa where he was given the opportunity to travel to and treat the Samoan population. With a very limited health care system this proved challenging and enriching experience that exposed me to a wide range of body types and syndromes.

His passion for helping others in a sporting setting continued throughout his studies, working as the Head Sports Trainer at the Amateur Hawthorn Football Club. He has been working with the Club for five years and have worked extensively with three male/female football teams inclusive of a range of cultural backgrounds and sporting proficiencies. This opportunity has developed his clinical skills and provided invaluable experience with injury prevention and the important correlation between spinal health and performance’

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