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TMJ Treatment in Melbourne

If you’re suffering from TMJ Dysfunction, Chiropractic Treatment can help!

Temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD), more commonly known as TMJ is an acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint. TMJ refers to a wide variety of conditions that affect TM joints, jaw muscles, and facial nerves.

TMJ dysfunction is very common in Melbourne. Many people experienceit and what they don’t realise is that a chiropractor can help with the associated pain.

TMJ has a range of symptoms which include pain in or around the ear, neck or jaw soreness, headaches, jaw pain when biting or chewing, strain when opening and closing the mouth, popping or clicking noises on opening the mouth, stiffness in jaw, tinnitus and dizziness. The wide range of these symptoms shows just how much our jaw muscles impact the surrounding joints and muscles.

TMJ pain can be debilitating. If you are unsure abouthow to manage this pain without medication, consult our TMJ specialist in Melbourne.

The causes of TMJ Dysfunction

The muscles and ligaments you use to move your mouth connect to your Temporomandibular joints, which is where the lower jawbone meets the skull. Temporomandibular dysfunctions, including arthritis, dislocation, injury or infection in your TMJ, can cause painful clicking and locking in your jaw, headaches, neck pain and ringing in your ears.

There are many possible causes of TMJ dysfunctions. Some known causes are:
• Physical injury
• arthritis
• Grinding or clenching teeth during sleep
• Autoimmune diseases
• Dental surgery
• Infections

Chiropractors can help!

ATMJ dysfunction chiropractic treatment can help ease the pain and with some soft tissue work you can also loosen up your jaw muscles.

Looking for a TMJ Specialist in Melbourne, Australia?

At My Health Chiro we focus on 3 key muscles: the masseter, the temporalis, and the pterygoid.

To ensure everything is aligned properly, our specialists also pay close attention to the jaw joint itself and the top 2 vertebrae because they massively impact the jaw joint.

Doing soft tissue work to relieve jaw pain is a bit complicated to do yourself so it is best to consult a TMJ specialist in Melbourne for this. Once this is completed, we move on to adjust and evaluate the jaw in a TMJ dysfunction chiropractic treatment.
We adjust the stuck side of the jaw first and then the other side with a light push motion.

After this adjustment, we revaluate and often find that the jaw joint is realigned. If the jaw is very tight, a TMJ dysfunction chiropractic treatment can be combined with dry needling.

If you’re wondering what will help with TMJ dysfunction, chiropractic treatment is the answer! At My Health Chiro, we treat many patients who have TMJ in Melbourne with utmost care. If you are experiencing jaw pain and are in Maribyrnong, head on over to our clinic for a consultation.

Do you suffer from TMJ Dysfunction in Melbourne?

Schedule your appointment with our TMJ Specialist at My Health Chiro in Melbourne, Australia today, for your TMJ Dysfunction Chiropractic Treatment.

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